Look Younger for Longer

Tighten your Skin with a Plasma Facelift in South London

Reduce the excess skin around your eyes and enhance your youthful appearance with a plasma facelift from The Skin Repair Clinic in South London. With experienced consultants operating advanced machinery, this skin tightening technique targets problem areas around and below your eyelids.


Please allow 90 minutes for your plasma lift procedure to ensure there is plenty of time to numb the skin and carry out a thorough treatment. In order to relieve any discomfort, a very high-strength anaesthetic cream is applied during the treatment. During recovery, you may experience swelling, redness, and crusting of the skin, for up to 7 days post-treatment. It is advisable to plan your appointment ahead and allow yourself at least a week off work for recovery.


Skin gradually tightens and contracts over a period of 12 weeks, meaning that results become visible around 3 months after treatment. As part of your aftercare, it is important to keep the treated area clean, dry, and protected from the sun until all redness has settled.

Although this treatment is long-lasting, the skin will continue to age naturally and eventually you may see problems such as wrinkles, saggy skin etc re-appear, but usually only after more than 5 years have passed. This is a normal process of ageing and you may repeat the treatment later if you wish.


This treatment is clinically proven to be safe and effective; it’s even safe to use on the inside of the eyelid! That said, side effects may arise for up to 7 days following treatment, including:


  • Redness

  • Crusting of the Skin

  • Swelling

  • Soreness or Itching at the Treatment Site

  • Dry Eyes

Prior to treatment, Ioannis will discuss everything in detail with you, including a thorough review of the risks and complications and how to look after the treated area to ensure you get thebest results. As with many skin treatments, there is a small risk of infection, burns, scars and pigmentation problems.



  • Upper and Lower Eyelids


  • Upper Eyelids


  • Lower Eyes


  • Forehead


  • Crow’s Feet


  • Upper Lip “Smoker” Lines


  • Smile Lines


Contact Ioannis to get more information on skin-tightening plasma facelift treatments at his clinic in South London.